What’s your half time score?

What’s your half time score?

Corina Roobeck

This Tuesday, 2nd of July, is the official mid way point of 2019. We will be 183 days in with 182 days to go. It got me thinking, with that time left, how am I tracking with what I want to achieve this year - at work and at home? 

What is my half time score in the game of life we call 2019? 

My go to review tool is GUBA. It gives a simple and safe structure to not only track actions but to also track how the heart feels about those actions or inactions - and in doing so be in integrity with my values and purpose. I want to live a life in my zone - my sustainable path to happiness and high performance, and GUBA gives me the quick feedback I need. 

  •  GOOD: going well, on track, feels good.   

  • UGLY: feels off, goes against my values, hurts me/others and needs to stop NOW.

  • BAD: needs improvement, do better/differently, messed up, boring.   

  • AWESOME: went to the next level, overcame challenges, feel joy, excitement, a big YES ! Makes me want more, it’s me in my zone. 

You decide on your definitions or feel free to borrow mine.

Before we go to the instructions, I share this story with you.

At the end of our last family vacation, our 9 year old facilitated our debrief using GUBA and follow up plan using Stop, Continue, Start. We were 6 adults and 7 kids ages 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, who had just spent 2 weeks together under the same roof for the first time!  

The opportunity to recall and appreciate the nice bits (GOOD), be honest about what didn’t work (BAD), the stuff that drove us mad (UGLY), and being grateful for the amazing moments like being together, the cuddles, the laughter, the love (AWESOME). All shared in a safe and constructive environment where all perspectives regardless of age where heard. We came away with a very clear plan for future gatherings - what to STOP (e.g. adults and kids to stop shouting and blaming when they lose it), what to CONTINUE (e.g. learning new skills together) and what to START (e.g. adults to listen more). Staying in the zone as a family is priceless. 

GUBA The Zone Debrief Tool .png

So how are you half-way into your 2019? 

Personally I love to do this while flying or on a train. Being in a state of perpetual motion and seeing a horizon certainly helps put me in a productive reflective state.  

  1. Take an honest look at all areas of your life and map them against GUBA. Include not only what was achieved but how it felt. Include all areas of your life (e.g. family, relationships, work, community,  wellbeing, finances, learning, creativity, becoming a better person, impact on the planet, etc.) and the specific goals you set earlier in the year or are in play for you right now. If you are working with your MyZone - include a review of how you are living your values and purpose. Keep going till you feel complete. 

  2. How does your GUBA feel as a whole? What patterns do you notice? Are there common themes jumping out at you? Any course corrections needed? What need the volume turned up on? Anything to let go of -  it no longer serves your purpose or mission? What can you celebrate so far?  

  3. Turn your insights into actions (Stop, Continue, Start) and update your plan or MyZone for keeping you in the zone - the place where we are our happiest, performing at our best in all the roles of our life. Being the parents, partners, team members, citizens of the world we intuitively know we can be and is needed now more than ever. 

182 days left. Make them count.