React or respond that is the question

React or respond that is the question

Corina Roobeck


React or respond that is the question

How do I create more space for the mention?

Lift me out of this miserable situation

For I have something to guide your intention


For what is the outcome you seek in advance

A considered plan or a game of chance?

Alignment with your values and purpose right now

It’s the end game with plenty of power


Be responsible for the energy you bring

For casting a shadow of misery is a big sin

Fight or flight is a thing of the past

It’s far more zen to make the flow last


So do the homework, work through the steps

Run the scenarios and do your best

Land on the one that gives you most gain

It will be the one that wins you the long game


For peace in your heart is a price not to pass

It will only leave you running last

So keep the integrity high and use the equation

It’s a goodie for many troubling occasions


So no victims here I am glad to announce

We are back in the zone ready to bounce

Bring on the light we are already shining bright

And on this note I bid you… Good night.