Taking an Executive team through a rediscovery journey

January 2013

“The Zone had a significant impact, not only on the Executive team, but also on the strategy of the business and its results." 

- Nick Read, CEO Vodafone Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific

“The Zone effectively takes an Executive team through a tough journey of rediscovery. They rediscover themselves as an individual – what motivates them, what they value, how they connect with the organisation, their leadership and how it’s perceived. They reconnect with the customer and the passion inside us all, to give outstanding customer experiences. Then the Zone connects that rediscovered passion for the customer and goes through a hard focusing exercise to develop a strategy that has the customer as its heart.

The Zone Client Story Vodafone Leadership.jpg

The true mark of an exceptional leader is that they leave a legacy.

Easy to say, hard to do. Consultants often stop at the Executive team. The Zone drives the advocacy and involvement through a powerful model, down to the employees.

We had 1,000 employees touched by the programme, so they would go back into the business and be the champions for the 10,000 employees we had.

Ultimately, as a CEO, we can all drive short-term results, but the true mark of an exceptional leader is that they leave a legacy, an organisation that has defined its true mission that inspires customers to engage and ultimately recommend you.

The Zone have a challenging model, but if committed, your business can be transformed."