Richard Daly CEO of Vodafone Egypt (2005-2009)

“A combination of challenging, rewarding and highly developmental - both personally and ​​​​​​​organisationally​​​​​​​. The Zone has a way of bringing culture into an organisation, and then holding the organisation and the leadership accountable and to role model it day in and day out. That can be really challenging. But having The Zone there with me each step of the way I gradually delivered a consistent, aligned leadership style. The Zone brought a set of tools which became our corporate language, by using the tools we all delivered the culture, together.”

Richard Daly CEO of Vodafone Egypt 2005-2009

Per Håkansson - Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker & Change Maker

“On my journey to explore collective intelligence, I unexpectedly found the path to inner happiness. The Zenergy courses are the most challenging but also the most transformative learning experiences I've ever participated in. I discovered the more I gave, shared and loved the more I received thousandfold in return. These courses are much more powerful than I could ever imagine was possible. They have changed my core values, behaviour and view on how we can collaborate and cooperate successfully in a peaceful, mindful and human way across our planet.”

Per Håkansson Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker & Change Maker