Give your team the lasting energy boost they so richly deserve

Bring your team together through an inspiring one day team event focussing on alignment, resilience, cohesion and personal responsibility as drivers of high performance.

Using our own IP developed through culture transformation projects over 20 years and across 30 different countries we provide a fun and engaging team session with actionable tools for your team to take away which promote unity and high performance.

Unlike your average team day where everyone has a great time but then goes back to work on Monday and fall back into old habits, we give you sustainable behaviours for team cohesion, resilience and help you realise long term benefit.

You have tried the ordinary, now experience the extraordinary.


key outcomes

  • Experience being real. Be your, and understand others, authentic self.

  • Raise awareness and importance of alignment within a team.

  • Have fun, interact on a different plane and be present with your teammates.

  • Increase personal responsibility and alignment.

  • Practice migration from a conflict to a resolution mindset.

  • Develop actionable tools to apply at work tomorrow.