MyZone coaching


MyZone© is a foundational coaching program designed to take you on a journey of self discovery.

It provides a framework to live a values aligned and purpose based life. This generates sustainable happiness, personal power and high performance in work and life. It is an important enabler of success and sustainability.

Together with your Zone coach you will:
  • Identify your values: what is really important to you.

  • Create an inspiring vision: your compelling future and direction.

  • Uncover your purpose: your impact on the world around you.

  • Design practical strategies: actionable habits that will help you achieve your vision whilst living your values and purpose.

Expected outcomes
  • Discover your zone and how to lead from there.

  • Improve life balance and reduce stress.

  • Utilise whole person intelligence.

  • Improve communication, decision making, problem solving and leadership. 

  • Increase self awareness, personal power and momentum.

  • Create better outcomes based on your ability to respond rather than react.

  • Improve ease, happiness and wellbeing.


“The work you do on your MyZone© program will stay with you forever, weaving its way into everything you do personally and professionally.”


Zenergy facilitation training

zenergy training

Our approach to facilitation and unlocking collective intelligence in groups.

Zenergy facilitative leadership training helps facilitators, leaders and changemakers to consciously create the conditions where collective intelligence will show up and where we as humans thrive.