As we are increasingly being asked to do more with less, the way we work together in groups needs to change.

We do not have the time, or energy to waste on unproductive work or ineffective human dynamics. We can do so much better. We need groups to be creative and effective to solve the issues we face collectively and globally.

Our facilitative leadership training gives leaders the skills to consciously create the conditions where their teams will thrive and be able to access collective intelligence, the magic ingredient that can help solve even the most impossible challenges.


our approach

Activate the whole person: realise the human potential by engaging the whole person - head, heart and gut working in flow. Activate a much deeper level of energy, connection and, when in a group, synergy or "team spirit".

Learn by doing: within a safe and creative environment get the opportunity to try different approaches and test out their impact on the group. Gain valuable insights through feedback and coaching in the moment.

Unlock collective intelligence: learn the skills and techniques to unlock collective intelligence, the hallmark of high performing teams and the magic ingredient that can help solve even the most impossible challenges.


key outcomes

  • More empowering, confident and human leaders.

  • More stable, present, and effective use of power.

  • More collaborative, committed and effective decision making.

  • Increasing team engagement, collaboration and creativity.

  • Leveraging diversity and harnessing creative conflict for better outcomes.

  • Unlocking the potential and collective intelligence of your team.


This is a 3 - 4 day experiential learning course based on The Art of Facilitation by Dr Dale Hunter. It can be delivered in-house or at a venue of your choice for a group of 8 - 12 leaders and emerging leaders.


Would you like to develop facilitative leaders, but don’t have enough people to make a full group?

We also offer open courses in Europe and the United States. To learn more get in touch at or visit: