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Leadership Styles

Leaders play a crucial role on the journey to a high-performing team.

Of course, you have been assigned this role because your organisation trusts you can do it. Yet, developing and motivating your team to produce their best work, while staying true to yourself amongst all the competing influences, can be a challenging road to navigate.

Our one-on-one collaborative leadership coaching program will help you navigate this journey by providing solid reference points along the way. We will help you develop an authentic, inspiring and empowering leadership style adapted to the specific and evolving needs of your team.

You will be able to foster an energising work environment where creativity and innovation flourish, where your people realise their potential, and where engagement and high performance co-exist.

This program will bring value to any leader or aspiring leader. It can be used standalone or a companion to our team development program.

key outcomes
  • Increase self awareness, awareness of others, and momentum.

  • Recognise, explore and adopt collaborative leadership practices to develop engaged and high performing teams.

  • Develop the ability to communicate authentically and powerfully, make aligned and thoughtful decisions, and improve problem-solving through collective intelligence.

  • Apply specific and practical strategies for addressing leadership challenges currently faced with the team.

  • Improve ease, happiness and wellbeing in yourself and those around you.