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The Zone Employee Engagement Global Gallup

Globally only 15% of the workforce is actively engaged. 

67% are passengers within your organisation and 18% actively undermine your mission and overall success. Your top 15% are forcibly dragging a cement bag of resistance.  

'even those that are engaged - how do we lighten their load and keep them this way?'

Add to this, the ever changing business landscape of challenge, competitors and technological advancement and the question is, even those that are engaged - how do we lighten their load and keep them this way?

For this reason we have developed our services over 20 years to rectify this with a three pronged approach; by activating whole person methodology and harnessing collective intelligence we create better organisations, better teams and better leaders.

At the zone we have made it our mission to create high performing cultures and we believe that it starts with who you are being individually and collectively, not what you are doing. We help you provide an aspirational identity for your organisation. Make it tangible and implementable for your teams. Teach your leaders and people to create and correct your culture and performance daily.

The result: happy, high performing, more human organisations.


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