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Why we exist

Our mission is to get your organisation and people into the zone. The sweet spot where happiness and high performance co-exist. Everything we do is about helping you spend more time there.

Leveraging culture, strategy, and our unique tools and methodologies we help you get into the zone in the way that works best for you.

Leadership Development

One on one, structured interventions to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Personalised Purpose, Vision, Values Program

Clarifying the fundamental questions of why, how, where and what in personal and professional life.

Organisation and Team Performance

Tailored strategies to embed happiness and high performance into the DNA of your organisation.

Market Space

New revenue generation program driven by deep focus on your customers.

Successful collaborations

Transforming siloed countries into one seamless and high performing regional team.

Believing regionalisation would support sharing of knowledge and best practice, Vodafone had implemented an Asia Pacific regional structure clustering separate businesses and countries together under one region. While the initiative made sense on paper, the region had failed to collaborate in any meaningful way and without cross country pollination of thinking and ideas the opportunity to leverage synergies remained unrealised.

Our challenge was to unite the executives who ran the different businesses and help transform siloed countries with distinct cultures into one seamless and high performing regional team.

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Reconnecting with core values to unify a divided organisation.

Fonterra was struggling to find its way. A CEO who believed the future depended on its ability to transform from a commodities reliant company into a value-added business promoting a range of branded consumer products. Directors in conflict because some agreed while others thought they were just about delivering milk. Farmer shareholders who owned the business blocking access to external investment needed to bring the value added strategy to life.

This is a story about how we worked with Fonterra, helping to bring farmer and director factionalism to an end so they could successfully raise external capital that would allow them to scale, diversify and maximise returns on milk.

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How aligning siloed cross functional teams led to the reinvention of product launches.

Pioneers of Biotechnology our clients had been through the heady days of success and were now facing the expiration of patents for their biggest income earning drugs. The consolidation of hospitals and clinics looking for group bulk buying discounts was creating additional pressure on their margins, and delivering the profit expectations of Wall Street was becoming harder and harder. Traditionally the commercial division of this organisation had been charged with the responsibility of creating successful product launches but siloed behaviour across the different business functions had made it difficult for them to operate effectively.

Our challenge was to help leadership see that the entire organisation was responsible for getting products to market, and then support them to unite the siloed functions into one happy and high performing product launch team.

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Restructuring a Fortune 500 using the power of Collective Intelligence.

After exiting the global financial crisis Spain had fallen back into recession in 2012. Struggling with the economic downturn our client was instructed by head office to restructure, cut staff and reduce OPEX AND CAPEX allocations. Their default approach was “it’s going to be painful, let’s just get it done” but we knew this mechanical approach would do long term damage to their people and the business.

Our challenge was to persuade them to activate the organisation’s collective intelligence then support their teams to come together and collaborate on a more humane restructure. One that would honour and take care of their people and enable them to quickly get back up to speed.

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